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We believe that you deserve to be empowered, centered and happy.


Jennifer has run two successful communications businesses, but after overcoming the darkness of addiction and rebuilding her life, Jennifer stepped into the role of mentor for women ready to make a positive change in their lives. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of women helping women ever since she witnessed its remarkable power to effect change in her own life. A recovering perfectionist and former self-sabotage expert, Jennifer is committed to helping others identify their blocks, change their inner dialogue and bolster their strengths. She uses a combination of empathy, humor, tough love and proven tactics to help people find their smiles again. When she’s not coaching, you can find her on the beautiful trails of Marin County, CA, parenting her two teenagers, or obsessively working to perfect her gluten free cookie recipe. Reach Jennifer at

Jennifer Golbus

Jenn Overboe

Jenn is deeply passionate about spreading positivity and kindness in order to help others become their best selves. She received an undergraduate degree from University of Southern California in psychology followed by a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Marymount University and a extended certificate as a professional counselor from Johns Hopkins University. Jenn started her career advocating for and empowering women at the YWCA in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, working with victims of domestic violence. Always focusing on mental health as a priority, she worked as a therapist running family groups and individual sessions. Jenn currently coaches students to be their best and meet their academic and social goals. Helping others find individualized self help tools remains her focus in this beautiful and sometimes challenging world. Some of her most important lessons have been learned from being a mother to her three children. Jenn uses her experiences as a therapist, educator, and mother to help others face the world with confidence and a smile. Reach Jenn at

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Hi, we’re Jenn & Jennifer. We have had the blessing of supporting each other as best friends for 49 years. When we were younger, we would call each other and say “Meet me in the middle of the street!” We would drop everything and run out to the street, where we would sit and talk on a designated spot, smack in the middle of the street. Now as adults, we have a shared passion for helping others turn their lives around, and become happier, healthier and the best possible version of themselves. With MeetMe! our goal is to bring that “Meet me in the middle of the street” vibe to create a community of support and transformation.

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